Tips For Choosing A New Mattress

Tips For Choosing A New Mattress

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Regular, good quality sleep is the key to well-being. We sleep about one-third of our lives, so it’s not irrelevant what kind of mattress we have. Mattress is most relevant for a refreshing night’s sleep. A good mattress is always an investment in well-being, so  just cheap price can’t be a good justification for a suitable mattress. A high-quality mattress supports the body at the right spots, whereby the sleep is not interrupted by poor positioning. The sleeping position should be extremely relaxed and only a carefully selected high quality mattress can provide a framework for good dreams.

Choose the right size mattress

As a rule of thumb the size of the mattress can be considered to be at least 15 cm/ 6 inches  longer than the user and preferably as wide as possible. A minimum of around 90 cm/37 inches wide mattress is recommended, but space requirements are individual in length and width.

Consider carefully and try different mattresses

Body height, weight and shape are important factors when buying a new mattress. The mattress should provide pleasant support for the entire body and keep the spine as direct as possible. A good mattress should support the body to allow the body to rest. So you lie relaxed and sleep better. Therefore, choosing the right firmness is important.

The mattress should react to motion impulses to make it easy to turn in the bed. Particularly important is that the shoulders and the hips may sink into the mattress. When your body relaxes, you do not need to wake up stiff or rigid in the mornings. The right mattress also reduces the chance of the body being loaded improperly. The right mattress also reduces the chance of the body being positioned improperly. It also prevents back pain and restless sleep.

Innerspring mattresses – support and flexibility in an appropriate ratio

The technical characteristics of springs, foams and various plastic blends have improved over the last few years, and there is a wide range of options available in the mattresses.

Tips for choosing a new mattress

Bonnell spring

The Bonnell springs is a good basic springs system, where the springs are placed in rows and connected with a spiral wire. Bonnell springs gives a very good basic support, but does not shape in the most detailed body shapes.

The Bonnell spring is an excellent choice for a low-cost spring. Bonnel Spring is currently widely used in the entry-level spring mattresses.

The LFK Spring System

The LFK springs system has higher spring density than the traditional Bonnell spring systems. There are usually 230-250 pcs of springs / m2, while the Bonnell has 105-150pcs / m2. The LFK springs are made of thinner yarn and its shape is oval. The LFK spring supports the body better than the Bonnell spring.

Pocket spring mattresses

Pocket spring mattresses contain individual springs cushioned in their own pockets to provide support across your body. The difference between a pocket spring mattresses and a Bonnell and LFK sping mattresses is that each spring flexes independently of each other.

Pocket spring mattresses are available with different features. They can be tailored to people of different weight by changing the strength of the spring wire. They can make zones in the springs, so that the different parts of the body get support where there is weight and softness at the point of the body where the width is. The pocket springs are also made in different shapes, e.g. as a model of hourglass, giving them additional surface softness as well as bearing capacity.

Visco Elastic Foam brings ergonomics to sleep

An individual support option is viscoelastic foam filled mattress. The zone-specific foam used as the core of the mattress, is shaped perfectly by the body heat. The weight of the sleeper is evenly distributed on an ergonomic mattress  and reduces body strain and the need to change position during sleeping.

Foam mattresses

A foam mattress is often a good solution for an allergic or asthmatic sleeper, but there are exceptions too. It is advisable to always check the mattress for allergy and asthma friendliness before buying. Foam mattresses are well suited for children and are popular for cottage, caravan and guest use as they can be stored easily wrapped in rolls.

Tips for choosing a new mattress

Pillow top mattress will complete sleeping comfort

Pillow top mattress prevents dirt and wear on the actual mattress. A pillow top mattress or washable mattress cover is the best way to avoid wetting the actual mattress if the sleeper sweats a lot during the night. The right mattress can also improve ergonomics by leveling out the softness or hardness of the actual mattress. Pillow top mattress’s purpose is to finish sleeping comfort by providing sufficient surface softness for unhindered blood circulation. In addition, making the bed is easier with the pillow-mattress than without.

It is best to choose a breathable, non-abrasive and water-washable mattress. A viscoelastic pillow top mattress is the best choice when it comes to making a perfect shape. Most removable mattress toppers can be washed in the washing machine. Pillow top mattresses are available in many forms and materials. The average change interval of the mattresses is five years.

Pay attention to the warranty

If possible, choose a mattress with a long material warranty. The guarantee ensures that the fabrics, pads and springs are free of defects, so that the mattress does not have to be replaced at least after a couple of years of usage. It is good to change the mattress every 10 years and during the years of use it is advisable to turn it up every now and then.

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