Physiotherapy in the treatment of insomnia

Psychophysical physiotherapy is a specialty of physiotherapy that aims to promote a person’s holistic functioning. The starting point is both the therapist’s and the client’s understanding of the connection and interaction between body and mind. The goal is to find ways for the client to survive and find solutions to their own lives through experiential learning.

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How does aging affect sleep?

Aging is associated with a decrease in the daily regulation of many body balance functions, such as sleep-wake rhythm and body temperature. As a result, older people often go to bed earlier and wake up earlier than younger adults.

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What is shift worker sleep management?

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Sleep has a significant impact on a person’s health, well-being and coping at work. Shift workers have been found to have more sleep disturbances than those who do regular working hours.

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Difficulties with CPAP treatment

CPAP therapy is not always easy for the patient. Many patients experience a variety of side effects during treatment that, at worst, can cause the patient to cancel treatment. Problems can also reduce the effects of treatment and therefore the situation should be addressed as soon as the problem is detected.

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